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Unison Agency

April 24, 2014

Saudi Prince Poaches Nearly 2,000 Endangered Houbara Bustards

Posted by Andy Myers

We couldn’t help but note with a touch of sadness a piece published in Dawn, the leading English-language news source in Pakistan, that a single Saudi prince had poached nearly 2,000 endangered houbara bustards in a three-week hunting excursion to eastern Pakistan. The Unison team fell in love with these elegant birds a few years ago when we worked on “A Survivor’s Tale” for the Environmental Agency-Abu Dhabi. The EAAD funds[...]

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April 22, 2014

Military Audiences And The Psychographics Of Branding

Posted by Andrea Fabbri

At Unison, we see ourselves as a multi-cultural, multi-talented bunch of brand detectives, constantly seeking innovative, memorable and effective ways of creating strong emotional ties between brands and their audiences. In 2013, our skills were put to the test when we were presented with a set of goals from three different clients, all sharing a[...]

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April 10, 2014

Unison Launches All-New Website For Bank Of Georgetown

Posted by Julianna Jacobson

In 2004, when  Bank of Georgetown  was still just a concept in the mind of late Chairman Curtin Winsor and his fellow founder Michael Fitzgerald, Unison began working to envision a brand that has since become an institution in the Washington, DC metro area. We delivered the visual identity, branded communications ranging from advertisements to branch signage and[...]

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February 7, 2014

The Future Of Self-Ordering Kiosks

Posted by Andy Myers

Here’s one from the archives. As part of our “pervasive brands” approach that unites the physical world with the digital through cutting-edge technology, Unison has helped some of today’s leading quick-serve restaurant (QSR) brands to transform how their customers order and interact with their brands. This 2011 video is a quick overview of an in-store,[...]

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February 4, 2014

Unison To Provide Environmental Design For Upscale Hotel

Posted by Andy Myers

The lead real estate developer of DC’s eagerly anticipated $950 million CityCenterDC project, Hines , and the architect of record for the hotel that will anchor the high-profile development,  HKS Architects , have selected Unison Agency (Unison) to design and implement an environmental signage, graphic communication and way-finding system for the effort. The task list for Unison is extensive and[...]

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January 30, 2014

The Word On Words

Posted by Andy Myers

Many people wonder what my title— Director, Content Strategy —really means. If you ask me, I prefer to say I’m a “designer of words.” I synthesize the best aspects of my clients’ businesses and I create words that make them sound as good as Unison’s designers make them look. This crisis of identity says a lot about the[...]

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